Lakatnishki rocks, village of Gara Lakatnik, village of Milanovo

The majesty of the Iskar Gorge is indescribable. The victory of the river over the mountain in the millennial battle between them has left a mark in breathtaking sights, especially in the area of the village of Gara ​​Lakatnik. The 300-meter rock formations made of red triassic sandstone are actually the torn breast of the Balkans – a result of the monstrous battle with the Iskar river. Awakening both awe and admiration, the rocks are like a magnet for mountaineers and cavemen. Lakatnishki rocks are a very famous climbing site – in the area there are 6 districts with over 350 routes of different difficulty. The most popular are Vrazhite dupki and Alpiyska polyana (the Alpine Meadow). Extreme sports are not the only way to touch the beauty of this natural phenomenon. In the area of ​​the rocks there are several hiking trails that are suitable for visiting all seasons and offer fantastic views of the beautiful Iskar Gorge. The uniqueness of the Lakatnishki rocks is the reason to be declared a natural park in 1963.

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