Zimevitsa village is located about 20 km northwest of Svoge and 60 km from Sofia. The village of Zimevitsa can be reached from the capital by car, along the national road ІІ-16 along the Iskar Gorge, for about 1 hour and 10 minutes. In the village of Tserovo there is a left turn to the villages of Zasele, Zimevitsa and Zanoge. The territory of the village of Zimevitsa is 30 sq. km and it borders with the lands of the villages of Svoge Municipality – Breze, Dobravitsa, Tserovo, Zasele, Zanoge and Spanchevtsi village, Varshets municipality. The average altitude of the village of Zimevitsa is about 1050 m. The population of the village, according to data from 2013, is 219 inhabitants. The celebration of Zimevitsa is on Ilinden (Old Style) and is held on August 2 or on any first Sunday of August, according to the calendar.
The name of the village comes from the legend that the first settlers found a covenant and a roof here during the cold winter. There is another legend, according to which it comes from the name of the swarthy Cuman Zimeva,  who led a troop of horsemen in the battle against the crusaders clad in heavy armor. The historical data indicate that the village was founded in 1576. An old Roman road passed in the area of the village crossing Stara Planina. There are remnants of Roman cachets designed to guard the road. There is a water pipe made of mud pipes dating back to the I-III century. Turks have not settled here during the Ottoman rule. The population is entirely Christian. It consists of Eastern Orthodox (about 85%) and evangelical (about 15%) Christians.