Dobarchin is a village in western Bulgaria. It is located in the Municipality of Svoge, Sofia district.


The village of Dobarchin is located in Stara Planina above the village of Iskrets. Altitude: 723 m. Area: 17,859 km² (NSI). Varpina Peak is located above the village. Nature there is wonderful, there are many deer and rabbits Wild strawberries can be found in the forests. The climate is unique, which is why the Specialized Hospital for rehabilitation and long-term treatment of pneumoftiziatric diseases „Tsar Ferdinand I“ was built at the foot of the village in the village of Iskrets. The hospital serves as a border between the villages of Iskrets and Dobarchin. It was established in 1908 as an anti-tuberculosis sanatorium with a decree and donation by King Ferdinand I. The sanatorium was chosen by a special commission appointed by Tsar Ferdinand I, which traveled around Bulgaria and carried out measurements of climatic parameters.

Mecha Polyana
Mecha polyana is no longer an existing village, since in 1986 it was joined as a neighborhood to the village of Dobarchin. At the time of accession, the population of Mecha Polyana is 5 people [1]. In the neighborhood today there are 20 buildings, including a medieval church and a school. Mecha Polyana was not electrified. There is water supply. The road to the former village starts from the Lilashkovtsi neighborhood and is just over 2 km long.

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