Iskar Gorge

The Iskar Gorge is the place where the Iskar River passes through Stara Planina and the Fore Balkan and forms the longest (156 km) and the most majestic gorge in Bulgaria. The site is extremely interesting from a geological point of view, as the gorge is a cross section of the Stara Planina chain. In this way, information about the geological composition of the mountain can be obtained and the different layers explored. This incredible creation of nature is a unique combination of canyon valleys and jagged narrows with inaccessible sharp cliffs, picturesque valley expansions and amphitheatrically-lined or steep slopes  with numerous caves and karst springs.

The real part of the gorge extends from the town of Novi Iskar to the village of Lyutibrod and is 67 km long, the vast majority of it falling in the territory of Svoge Municipality.

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