The village of Gubislav is located 25 km northwest of Svoge and about 67 km from Sofia. The village of Gara Lakatnik can be reached from the capital by car, along the national road II-16 through the Iskar Gorge, for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Just before the village of Gara Lakatnik, there is a left turn to the village of Gubislav. The territory of the village of Gubislav is 23.2 sq. km and it borders with the lands of the village of Svoge Municipality – Zanoge, Milanovo and Druzhevo, as well as with the land of Spanchevtsi village, Varshets municipality. The average altitude of the village of Gubislav is 773 m. The population of the village, according to data from 2013, is 40 inhabitants serviced by the town hall of Gara Lakatnik.
There are two theories about the origin of the village’s name: one being that during the Turkish times, the entire land of the village, then neighborhood of the village of Zimevitsa, was owned by a Turk-spahiya, who leased it to the inhabitants of the village of Zimevitsa. Every year he came to collect his rent, but at one point this Turk disappeared.  A few years later a girl – his daughter, came to find him, but when she did not find him, she sold the place to the inhabitants of Zimevitsa for 70 ounces of butter. This is the place where this Turk-spahiya had lost its glory, from where the name Gubislav (Lost Glory) was derived, and later the established settlement – a neighborhood of Zimevitsa, became Gubislav instead of Dolna Zimevitsa. There is another, more likely version for the name Gubislav. During the fall of Bulgaria under the Ottoman rule, Tsar Ivan Shishman, on his way to joining the Vidin kingdom, led large battles in these places, was broken, lost his glory, and the name Gubislav remained from the phrase “Gubi slava” (Lost Glory).

Now a few words about the walking trails in the vicinity. About 15 km from Gara Lakatnik in western direction is the Proboinitsa hut. The route passes through the village of Gubislav and is used by pedestrians as well as by cars – it is asphalted in the beginning, then it turns into a dirt road leading to the hut. Stara Planina is a favorite destination for cyclists and motorcyclists because of its many dirt roads and relatively smooth climbs, so it is very possible for you to encounter one of the aforementioned. The hut itself is one of the cozy huts in Bulgaria, without showing anything special. It is located in a wooded area, so do not expect impressive views and scrolling horizons. You will see such if you continue another ten kilometers westward, reaching Todorini Kukli Peak. In summer, in the wooded area on the road between Proboinitsa and the peak, you can eat so much raspberries and strawberries, to the extent that you will not have room for the blueberries that start after the end of the forest.

Proboinitsa hut: It is located in the valley of the Proboinitsa River near Gubislav. It is a massive four-storey building with a capacity of 59 people. Almost all rooms have sinks and there are bathrooms on every floor. The building is water-supplied and electrified, the heating is with solid fuel stoves. It features a restaurant, a cafeteria and a tourist dining room. In the summer the accommodation places are increased by 40 beds, located in 10 wooden bungalows with external bathrooms. Neighboring tourist sites: The Lakatnishki rocks – 2.30 h .; Petrohan – 5.00 h .; Byalata Voda hut – 3.30 h .;  Parshevitsa hut – 6.00 h; Trastenaya hut – 6.00 h. The trails are marked.