Ogoya is a village in western Bulgaria. It is located in the Municipality of Svoge, Sofia district. Ogoya is administratively serviced by the municipality of Svoge. The celebration of the village is on May 24. Every year on St. Pantaleimon’s day, in the area of St. Pantalei, a kurban is made by the inhabitants of the villages of Bukovets and Ogoya.

The village of Ogoya is located in a mountainous area, in the Murgash area of the Western Stara Planina. The village is 45 km. north of Sofia, at 900 m above sea level. Permanently living in the village are about 80 inhabitants. It is distinguished by its beautiful nature and fresh air.

Cultural and natural landmarks
Nearby is the Osenovlash Monastery Holy Virgin, known as The Seven Altars.