The village of Rebrovo is located 10 km south of Svoge and about 30 km north of Sofia. The village of Rebrovo can be reached from the capital by car, along the Road ІІ-16 through the Iskar Gorge, in about 50 minutes, or by railway transport. The territory of the village of Rebrovo is 15,5 km2 and it borders with the lands of the villages of Svoge Municipality – Thompson, Tseretsel, Vlado Trichkov, Lukovo, Batuliya and Redina. The average altitude of the village of Rebrovo is 625 m. The population of the village, according to data from 2013, is 876 inhabitants. The celebration (the fair) of the village of Rebrovo is on Easter. The village is well-developed, with water supply and electricity networks. There is a partially built sewerage network. There is coverage of all mobile operators, automatic PBX, cable TV and Internet.


A landmark in the village of Rebrovo is the medieval Holy Annunciation church at the Selishteto area, located in the village cemetery itself. When it was studied in the middle of the last century, frescoes have been found under the plaster, but since then no other church study has been made. The altar doors of the modest iconostasis were taken from the almost destroyed church St. Trinity in the village of Ogradishte, now a neighborhood of the village of Bukovets.
A natural landmark near the village of Rebrovo is the Kori area, where the „iron water“ spring is located.
A community center named Iskra 1928, a kindergarten, a Primary School (Peter Beron), several cafes, a club-restaurant, a grocery store, and a medical practice are functioning in the settlement.
Nature around Rebrovo offers heavenly places for walking, cycling, hiking and fishing in the Iskar River and the Batuliyska River.

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