Osenovlag is a village in western Bulgaria. It is located in the Municipality of Svoge, Sofia district. Until 1956 the name of the village was Osenovlak


The village of Osenovlag is located in a mountainous area in the Rzhana mountain of the Western Stara Planina. The sheltered village is 90 km northeast of Sofia. Next to it is Eliseina along the Gabrovnitsa River. There is a dirt road through the ridge of Rzhana, which can be passed by a jeep to the village of Kraevo.

Cultural and natural landmarks
Near the village of Osenovlag is one of the 100 national tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union: The Seven Altars Monastery.

In 2005, in Osenovlag was successfully started mountain ecotourism. In the village there is a hotel complex, and near it is built a farm with African ostrichs, deers, nutrias, gnats, ducks, wild and decorative goats, trout, lamas.
The Rzhana hut is situated high in the mountain. There are also developed routes for passage to the Cherepish Monastery, the Seven Altars Monastery and other places.

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