Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Milanovo

The church is located in the neighborhood Staro Selo, 2 km east from the center of the village of Milanovo.

The church is a stone made, one nave and one apse with a semi-cylindrical stone vault. In the northeast corner of the altar are situated two canonical niches: “proskomidiya” and „washing stand“. The construction is by stones cemented with mortar.

In a donor’s inscription on the western wall is mentioned the date when the temple was finished – 1492.

Unfortunately, the inscription is partially preserved and the year is readable only by its first three characters. The manner of writing is dated by experts at the end of the 15 and the beginning of 16 century.

The temple has been completely painted inside. Parts of the frescoes currently are covered with stucco. Those who can be seen are well preserved and stylistically are dated to the 16 century.

In the apse is depicted the Holy Virgin Mary and a frieze of medallions with images of saints. Below them are the Holy Fathers.

At the height of the arch above the altar space is reserved an image of Virgin Mary. Below him, also in the arch over the south side is the „Last Supper“. An interesting fact is that at the table are depicted forks, which is not typical for this kind of early paintings.

Currently the church in village of Milanovo is repaired as part of the project „The temple of ancestral memory. Conservation, restoration and exhibition of the church “Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary“. The project is developed by the Regional Administration Sofia Region in partnership with the Natural Park „Vratsa Balkans“ and „Polar Permaculture Solutions“ – Kingdom of Norway. The total project cost is 342 182, 81 euros.

Besides restoration of the church the project provides funds for new researches (23 469.96 BGN), as well as for promotion of the site (20 153.20 BGN) as follows:

  1. Research „Votive crosses and votive activities in the Iskar Gorge“.
  2. Art historical study about the artistic and historical value of the decoration of the church.
  3. Regional studies.
  4. Information campaign: printing of publications and ensuring materials, informational signs and billboards.
  5. Development of a website.
  6. Organizing and conducting of a Festival „Traditions and ancestral memory“.

The deadline for finalizing the project is March 31, 2016.

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