Monastery of St. Panteleimon, Ogoya

The monastery is located about three kilometers northwest of the village Ogoya, in the locality „St. Pantaley“.

There are preserved the walls of the church which reach height of one meter. The church is small, cruciform plan and three apses to the east, north and south. On the walls can be seen very small particles of plaster and traces of frescoes. The whole terrain around the temple is littered with the remains of old walls belonged to the monastery buildings.

According to legends, the original name of the monastery was „St. Kirik and Julita. The older people from the village recall that 80 years ago still had stood one of the monastery buildings where people had gathered on the feast of St. Panteley.

The monastery survived shortly before the Liberation. In it were absconded rebels who have robbed the more affluent Turks. It should be borne in mind that the road connecting Northern Bulgaria with Sofia, passed near the monastery on the mountain ridge.

Today the people from the neighboring villages Bukovets and Ogoia every year on July 27 are gather at the monastery where they make consecration and sacrificial rite.

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