Pod Kamiko Eco-trail, village of Gara Bov, village of Bov

The route of the marked Pod kamiko tourist trail starts from the football stadium in the village of Gara Bov, climbs along the valley of the river Bovska and reaches the waterfall Pod Kamiko in the village of Bov, then descends along the old passage to the fountain near the Chichero area, continues to the remains of the St. Archangel Michael Monastery and, crossing the Treskavets River, returns to its starting point at the stadium in the village of Gara Bov. Natural and cultural-historical sights through which the Pod Kamiko eco-trail passes:

  • picturesque cascading waterfalls along the Bovska river, the highest of which is 80 meters, in the Kamiko locality, the village of Bov;
  • rock formation Kaminata, the village of Bov;
  • the Chichero fountain, remaining in the local toponymy through the centuries with its name, and the Holy Spirit cross;
  • Remains of the medieval St. Archangel Michael Monastery;
  • Treskavets Protected Site;

The length of the hiking trail is 9.3 km, and the time it takes to walk along it is about 3 hours. It is accessible from the village of Bov and the village of Gara Bov. Along the path are built several recreation areas suitable for picnic and relaxation. The trail allows photographers to capture beautiful panoramic photos or photos of plant and animal species from the area.

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