Church of the Ascension, Bov

The church is located in the center of the old village Bov at an altitude of 850 m on a terrain with slight displacement. There is a legend that it was built on the place of an older church destroyed by the Turks. The present building was built in 1962.

Several years ago in course of leveling of the terrain west of the church, were found old graves, destroyed by the workers. The graves were without tombstones which is the reason to assume an earlier date for this cemetery. This fact proves the possible existence of the church in the period of the Middle Ages.

The current church has one nave with apse and a small narthex and bell tower above it. The interior space has not murals, but the semi-cylindrical vault is decorated with relief images of angels and gold stars. The iconostasis is with wooden carved decoration with elegant and very beautiful, well maintained icons. Above the entrance to the nave is painted the year 1862.

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