Zimevitsa village -Todorini Kukli peak Hiking Trail


The final destination – Todorini Kukli peak – can be seen from the village of Zimevitsa. The trail looks very easy, smooth and short. Subsequently, it turned out that the displacement was over 1000 meters, and the distance traveled – 36 kilometers. The trail starts northwest of the village along a preserved Roman road. There is a blue stripe marking and several signs. The marking is very good – there is no marking of deviations anywhere along the trail. You have to choose among the many black roads in the area. I reached a working tin sheepfold and I stopped guessing where the marking was. I walked northwards from the sheepfold. A deepwater river came out of my eastward, sinking into the ground two hundred meters below. So it is in Ponor Mountain. I entered a forest where I found the continuation of the Roman road. The trail disappeared in a stream. This stream is the last water on the way up. The forest ended over the stream and I went out to the only house on the ridge. I immediately saw the track mark on the Kom-Emine trail. It was about 500 meters to the north, but it was hard to reach. The grass is unusual – it is alpine and extremely difficult to walk on. Such is on the south side of Vitosha Mountain.  There is no problem with reaching Todorini kukli along the Kom-Emine route. For my return I chose another way – I traveled along a dirt road south of the crossroad of the Kom-Emine trails and that of the town of Varshets. It turned out that this was the route marked with blue markings from the village of Zimevitsa. The return route passes along a great footbridge where another river disappears.

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