Lakatnishki Skali tourist company

Lakatnishki skali tourist company was established in 2005. It is entered in the register of non-profit legal entities as a public benefit association. The objectives of the organization are to work in the protection of ecology, tourism, to create conditions, and offer opportunities and services for the pursuit of tourism aimed at active recreation, promotion of health, viability, employability, development of knowledge, education and emotional enrichment of the personality. Other goals in front of the association are development and promotion of various forms of tourism.
The Tourist Company is managed by a Management Board consisting of:
Each year, a program of monthly hikes and excursions is being prepared in the region, in other parts of Bulgaria and in nearby countries. Traditional passages and activities, which each year are gaining more and more popularity and attract dozens of adherents and new tourists, are present in the schedule.

Address: 6 Ploshtada Str., 3rd floor, Gara Lakatnik Village

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