Church of St. Theodore Tyron, Zimevitsa

The church is located in the village center. It is restored a few years ago, but partially. Renewed are the roof and the facade, but not the frescoes.

The church has a nave, apse with a semi-cylindrical vault. It has been extended in 1882 when the west wall was demolished to elongate the space.

The entire interior of the church was painted. During the renovation over the medieval frescoes is applied layer of plaster, which had destroyed the biggest part of the old paintings. Preserved are images only on the eastern wall and at some places in the nave. In the apse is respected the canon: the Holy Fathers and above them – The Holy Virgin Mary. On the eastern wall in a niche is depicted Christ deposed from the cross and laid in the tomb. In the south niche is depicted Archdeacon Stephen with a model of church in his hands. In the vault above the northern wall is preserved almost an entire frieze with 12 saints and below them – partially preserved Evangelists.

It is assumed that the church has existed since Roman times. The legend says that in 1894 in the monastery in village of Iskrets arrived Hariton Kolev from Veliko Tarnovo. He carried with him a parchment paper with Church Slavonic text. It was written in it that the church in Zimevitsa was built in 1086, but today there are no evidences for this.

The church is dated by specialists in the 16-17 century.

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